Sunday, May 18, 2008

Legalize Prostitution -- Vote Republican

If this primary season proves anything, it's that religion is everywhere. Consider
  1. Barack Obama's former pastor.
  2. Rev. John Hagee, televangelist, who has called the Catholic church ``the great whore,'' and who for some reason felt compelled to endorse John McCain, with McCain, seeing fit to spend precious campaign time standing by Hagee as the Rev. announced his endorsement. (How many people knew about Hagee to make his support so important, anyway? Maybe John McCain knows some things I don't -- such as the wisdom of hewing closely to George W. Bush's ideology, or assuming that the religious right matters in politics right now.)
  3. And speaking of your religious right, former Southern Baptist minister Mike Huckabee, who prompted chuckles May 16 while speaking to the National Rifle Association convention. Gearing up to make the point that folks who behave poorly beg for expensive and intrusive government, Huckabee heard a noise from behind the stage.
``That was Barack Obama... He's getting ready to speak, and somebody aimed a gun at him and he dove for the floor,''
quipped Huckabee, whose reflexes probably just got the better of him.
NRA delegates laughed -- some did find it funny, despite what The Wall Street Journal reported. Huckabee indeed went on to say that those who want less government must live ``more honestly and more ethically.''
``A democracy cannot operate in a moral vacuum.''
Bullseye, Mike.
Although Hagee and Huckabee have apologized, they wouldn't have done so if they weren't embarrassed. In the meantime, consider
  1. Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright, who promotes none but the Heavenly Father and himself.
  2. John Hagee, whoring for John McCain, and John McCain, pandering to the Christian Right.
  3. Rev. Mike Huckabee, pandering to the NRA for the GOP.
Which of those three categories does not mention whoring or pandering?

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