Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Videos from Cape Ann, Massachusetts

A few weeks ago we went to Gloucester again. Same deal. Stayed at the Good Harbor Beach Inn, room 18. Only this time we went for four nights, which I don't believe we had done before. Also, for the the first time I am blogging sound and motion -- that is, video. In the past it has just been photos.

This first one I took at Halibut State Park in Rockport, which is the town along the shore north of Gloucester. (Both towns are in the Cape Ann area of Massachusetts north shore.) You'll have to pardon the wind, which makes kind of an unpleasant sound, bashing against the smart phone.

Some of my Facebook friends have already seen this video of Good Harbor Beach at night. In the distance you can see the signal from one of the two lighthouses on Thatcher Island. Again, this time it's about movement and sound. As I said on May 18, 2008: ``I could not photograph the smell in the air and the sound of the rushing of the water.''

The only bummer about this is the fact that the colors aren't true. The Samsung Galaxy Rush took the colors darker than they really were.

I've been dreaming about moving to somewhere in Cape Ann -- I'd settle for living in a hovel to start off -- for four years. Western Massachusetts has worn out on me. To paraphrase Ernest Hemingway, everything here reminds me of something. As of today I've lived in Franklin, or Hampshire (mostly Hampshire) and Hampden counties for 49.5 of my 53.5 years; the rest of the time I lived either in Indiana or in Jamaica Plain. To paraphrase D.H. Lawrence, western Mass. for me has become a room full of echoes.

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