Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Interesting that the stories at the bottom of the Washington Post's 10-most commented on deal with, essentially, the goodness of Obama's image. The fact that the topic doesn't get a higher priority perhaps means that the readers are content with Obama, that they don't need to read anymore about how he is liked. High up on the list is No. 4, Obama Painted As Elitest. The appeal to Obama supporters is that it talks about the sniping of Clinton (along with McCain).
No. 3 is about Hillary's supposedly tarnished image.


Emily said...

Interesting perspective. I didn't pay much attention to the order of the stories, just the pattern, but the order definitely says something about the readers interests.

Alex said...

There is an obvious bias favoring Obama, and one libeling Hilary. So much for journalistic objectivity.

Grace the Dog Blog said...

To me, it's partly a matter of reader objectivity