Saturday, July 12, 2008

This photograph of a total eclipse of the sun was taken in 1919 to prove Einstein's general theory of relativity. Reading this summer, in Ann Hagedorn's ``Savage Peace,'' about the attempt by two teams to photograph the eclipse sparked my interest of taking impeded images of the sun. Everyone knows that it is harmful to gaze at the sun, but these pictures allow us to look as long as we want with no harm.
I would look at the sun just long enough to make sure it was centered in the viewfinder. Then I would look away immediately and snap the picture.
I took these pictures in the woods adjacent to Granby Heights, where I walk Grace. You can see the path in the bottom photo. Walking in these woods is not always fun; in the summer it is hot and there are often gnats and mosquitoes. In winter footsteps often sink deep in snow. Hoisting every step up gets tiring.


Daryl said...

Hey Dan! Loved to get reminded of your blog and I will be sure to add it to my blog roll once I get up in running with my own come late August. Hope you are enjoying your summer in the Pioneer Vally and look forward to keeping in touch via the blogosphere.

Daryl :)

Grace the Dog Blog said...

Daryl -- Give me the URL of the blog that you're starting next month so I can stick that on my blog roll. Good to hear from you. Dan